Yes, it’s the ‘anarchists and Spanish Revolution’ post!

You could argue that anarchists are obsessed with the Spanish Revolution and the associated Civil War. You’d have a fair point but it was the closest that we came to a real workers’ revolution in the 20th century and it remains inspirational not only for the examples of collective organisation in Spain, but also for the grassroots international solidarity movement that supported it.

So no apologies for promoting this event tomorrow morning. Some of us from the local AFed group are likely to be there, come and say hi.

Dear all

Please join us for the second annual rededication of the memorial to those
who left Edinburgh and the Lothians to fight fascism in the Spanish Civil
War.  This will take place on *Saturday, April 3rd, from 11am* at the
International Brigades memorial in Princes Street Gardens.  We’re
encouraging people to bring flowers in the colours of the Spanish Republic:
red, yellow and purple.

The reason for holding the ceremony in early April is to coincide with the
anniversary of the end of the conflict with the message that the struggle
against fascism continues now just as it did on the day the civil war