Anarchists, taxi drivers, consensus process and flying saucer cults

This month’s Fortean Times has this interesting nugget (FT271:52):

In early 1954, a drunken taxi drvier entered a meeting at the anarchist Malatesta Club in Soho, and asked for Sam Cash, a fellow cabbie. Learning that Cash was expected later, “…the tired and emotional taxi driver lay down across some chairs and promptly fell asleep” At the end of the guest speaker’s talk, the chairman asked if there were any questions. Whereupon,
“…the taxi driver suddenly woke, asking, ‘How do I make a million pounds?’ Robinson [the chairman] took the question in good humour and speculated the best way to make a fortune was to found a fake religion. A discussion about how best to do this ensued with Otter opining that a much better idea would be to get in on the flying saucer craze. Robinson concurred, suggesting that the two ideas could be combined for best effect. […] A few years later, Cash told Otter that the drunken taxi driver, whose name was George King, had taken his advice about melding religion with flying saucers, and it had worked. The rest, as they say, is history”
Naturally, the Aetherius Society disputes this version of events.”