Evening News: “Hahaha LOL women prisoners”

Hard-up local rag the Evening News’s latest cost cutting exercise; they can’t even afford a stock photo of the local jail, instead: Let’s illustrate a story about womens’ prisons with a screengrab from an almost-forgotten 80s soap opera(*).

Never mind that Cornton Vale is famous for its sky-high suicide rate  11 women in the 5 years around the turn of the century.  That’s not mentioned in the article. The “bespoke” mother and baby unit gets 3 paragraphs, but no mention whether they’ll still be handcuffing women whilst in labour.
For many years there was a vigil on International Womens Day outside Cornton Vale, one of the aims was to show the prisoners in there that they weren’t forgotten. This casual journalistic contempt shows that they’re still voiceless and excluded though.
(*) — I genuinely think they wanted one from Orange is the New Black but couldn’t afford it. I suppose I’m grateful they didn’t go with a shot from Bare Behind Bars.