Capitalism and Mental Health discussion

Capitalism and Mental Health discussion

2pm Saturday 4th June 2016

The first of our new monthly discussions, the first Saturday of every month, this time at the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, just off Leith Walk.

This time we focus on mental health under capialism. Feelings of alienation, anxiety and depression are at epidemic proportions, even in countries that are ‘economically prosperous’ and free from war. Suicide rates, especially amongst those who society deems to be outside its normal boundries, are alarmingly high.

How does our current capitalist society create and worsen many of these problems? How and why does it attempt to treat them, and in what ways does it fail?

Anarchism relies on a philosophy of freedom, solidarity and mutual aid. Can its ideas influence how we respond to poor mental health in the present, as well as looking to ways a radically different society may be healthier for us all? If it can, why do such a high percentage of activists struggle with their mental health, and what steps can we put in place to support each other?

There will be a short talk followed by an open discussion. £Donations appreciated to help us cover the room hire costs.

Please note:
This is a discussion and not an advice service or self help group, however you are welcome to share personal experiences you feel will help in the discussion.

Issues around mental health, suicide, trauma and abuse may be discussed, along with any related topics.

It is essential that you respect everyone speaking, and their confidentiality. We ask that everyone attending abides by our safer spaces policy, which you can read here: