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Anarchist Federation of Great Britain, 2 colour logoThis is the website of the Edinburgh group of the Anarchist Federation. We believe in the overthrow of capitalism and its replacement with a society based on principles of direct democracy and mutual aid.

We don’t claim to know the One True Way To Salvation. We organise, non-hierarchically, around these Aims & Principles because we think they’re a good statement of anarchist communist politics.

If you you agree with them, you should think about joining us. If you disagree with them, we can probably still work together. If you’re not sure, then ask us. We like people. You can email us at edinburgh (at) afed (dot) org (dot) uk.

Anarchists in Edinburgh are involved in a wide range of campaigns and projects, from campaigning against poverty-inducing measures imposed by the council and DWP to organising at work via the Industrial Workers of the World, as well as holding regular social events for anyone curious to find out more, talks, film screenings, day schools and other events. We work closely with other anarchist and left groups around Edinburgh, such as Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty and the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh.

The Anarchist Federation is an organisation of class struggle anarchists (based in Britain and Ireland, but with many contacts overseas) which aims to abolish Capitalism and all oppression to create a free and equal society. This is Anarchist Communism.

We see today’s society as being divided into two main opposing classes: the ruling class which controls all the power and wealth, and the working class which the rulers exploit to maintain this. By racism, sexism and other forms of oppression, as well as war and environmental destruction the rulers weaken and divide us. Only the direct action of working class people can defeat these attacks and ultimately overthrow capitalism.

As the capitalist system rules the whole world it’s destruction must be complete and world wide. We reject attempts to reform it such as working through parliament and national liberation movements (like the IRA) as they fail to challenge capitalism itself. Unions also work as a part of the capitalist system, so although workers struggle within them, they will be unable to bring about capitalism’s destruction unless they go beyond these limits.

Organisation is vital if we’re to beat the bosses, so we work for a united anarchist movement and are affiliated to the International of Anarchist Federations.

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  1. Nae Taw G20 / 10-27-2009 / ·

    *************PLEASE DISTRIBUTE, FORWARD & RE-POST FAR & WIDE*************

    In St. Andrews, we say “Nae Tae G20!

    No to G20 neo-liberalism! No to economic exploitation! No to environmental destruction!

    Yes to sustainability, community cooperation and peoples’ representation!
    Yes to liberation, solidarity, equality, human rights and peace!
    Yes to revolution!

    On the first weekend in November, the financial leaders of the world’s twenty richest countries will be hosting closed door meetings in order to decide how our world should be run. The Group of Twenty (G20) finance ministers have chosen to host these meetings in the town of St. Andrews, Scotland, and in response groups of residents and students have paved the way to make our voices heard.

    We the residents and students of this community are coming into the streets to say loud and clear, “The G20 is not welcome in our town,” or as the Scots say, “Nae tae G-20!” We are joining together to say that the neo-liberal development, trade and environmental policies furthered by the G20 will not solve the global financial crisis, not solve the global ecological crisis and do not address the ever-increasing wealth gap. We are resisting the G20 because it is a mechanism of the global ruling elite that seeks to enrich the “1st world” at the expense of increasing poverty for the “underdeveloped” and “developing” world.

    There are a number of organizations making exciting plans in St. Andrews during the weekend of the G20 meeting, and while Put People First (g20standrews.org) has organized an educational event, we have set our sights on getting people into the streets to show our collective dissent. To this end we have called for two days of festive actions:

    – Friday, November 6, 2009, 11:00am, join us for a protest rally at the center of town fountain, located near the intersection of Market Street and College Street.

    – Saturday, November 7, 2009, 1:30pm, join us for a march, also starting at the fountain at the center of town. The march will be gathering at 1:30pm and departing by 2:00pm.

    In addition to these actions, groups are encouraged to organize locally in their communities, and come to St. Andrews to share their creative resistance with us during these two days. We will do our best to support your action if you require some assistance.

    This action has been endorsed locally by Stop the War, the Scottish Socialist Party, numerous St. Andrews University student societies, and assorted Scottish workers unions.

    Please direct all questions, endorsements, press inquiries and hate mail to NaeTaeG20@gmail.com and for more information as it arises visit: http://naetaeg20.wordpress.com/

    See you in the streets, November 6th & 7th!

    — brought to you by Nae Tae G20, an adhoc group of St. Andrews residents who love St. Andrews and hate the G20

  2. anna lucine altounyan / 11-11-2009 / ·

    please publicise nder your anarchafeminism, the edinburgh anarchafeminist kollectiv, you can linkthis to the facebook group, we are running the femmestruation week, our email is feministanarchistedinburgh@googlemail.com and our blog is http://edinburghanarchafeminist.blogspot.com/?spref=fb

    love anna lucine

  3. Peter / 1-23-2010 / ·

    Just noticed, you need to fix the link for Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty. The correct link is; http://edinburghagainstpoverty.org.uk/

    … it currently links to the Edinburgh Chinese Association of Professionals.

  4. Scott / 3-3-2010 / ·

    I will be staying in Edinburgh with a student group roughly the 5-15 of March. Are there any interesting collectives, bookshops, comrades I should take some time to visit. I would enjoy meeting up with some fellow anarchists. Coming over from the States, so not sure how I will contact anyone, but I will try.


  5. scaredycat / 4-13-2010 / ·


    not sure if this is the right place or not? but I was wondering if a couple of peeps would be interested in running an Info Stall at this year Remember Chernobyl punk benefit gigs at Teviot Row Sat 1st Sun 2nd May .. no charge for stall.
    Get in touch if interested!


  6. Edinburgh Queer Mutiny / 4-23-2010 / ·


    Can we be one of your groups? We’re a loose collective of anarcha-queers trying to create non-commercial queer space in Edinburgh.

    We’re also having a party on May the 8th at the Forest Hall (upstairs from the cafe). There’s bands playing, we give out free food, cool stuff happens.

    I guess you’ve already got our website and email but just in case it’s

    EdinburghQueerMutiny [at] gmail dot com.

  7. JohnP / 6-10-2010 / ·


    The following talk might interest folks:

    John Holloway discusses his latest book, Crack Capitalism, at the Edinburgh Book Fringe 2010


    Tuesday 17 August 2010 at 1.00pm

    Word Power Books
    43-45 West Nicolson Street
    EH8 9DB

    Admission Free! Donations welcome!

    All Welcome!

    Crack Capitalism, argues that radical change can only come about through the creation, expansion and multiplication of ‘cracks’ in the capitalist system. These cracks are ordinary moments or spaces of rebellion in which we assert a different type of doing.

    John Holloway’s previous book, Change the World Without Taking Power, sparked a world-wide debate among activists and scholars about the most effective methods of going beyond capitalism. Now Holloway rejects the idea of a disconnected array of struggles and finds a unifying contradiction – the opposition between the capitalist labour we undertake in our jobs and the drive towards doing what we consider necessary or desirable.

    Clearly and accessibly presented in the form of 33 theses, Crack Capitalism is set to reopen the debate among radical scholars and activists seeking to break capitalism now.

    John Holloway is a Professor in the Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades of the Benemerita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla in Mexico. His publications include Crack Capitalism (Pluto, 2010), Change the World Without Taking Power (Pluto, 2005), Zapatista! Rethinking Revolution in Mexico (co-editor, Pluto, 1998) and Global Capital, National State and the Politics of Money (co-editor, 1994).

  8. Kai / 7-18-2010 / ·

    Hey, I´m 18 and I´m going to travel through Scottland for four weeks just with a backpack. Though I´m quite young, my interest in Anarchism, especially Anarchocommunism described by Kropotkin and Bakunin, increased. Is there any possibility to get in touch with you while I´m in Edinburgh?



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