Film Festival

Edinburgh Anarchist Federation organise an annual film festival celebrating “cultures of resistance” across the world, with diverse films sharing the theme of collective action against political or economic injustice. These have been a conscious shift away from the documentary-heavy format of most activist film festivals sees the screening of new and old class-conscious classics.

Previous films have included John Sayles’ Matewan, featuring the screen debut of indie singer Will Oldham as a teenage preacher in a mining town standing together in the teeth of state and capitalist siege. Also Army of Crime, which makes Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds look like a cartoon. The Group Manouchian, refugees and Jews, actively resisted the Nazi occupation of France, a country which despised them as terrorists and “aliens”. In its uncompromising politics and refusal to gloss over difficult moral choices, this 2009 film could prove to be a 21st century “Battle of Algiers” and is sure to provoke debate.

Other films have included Lucio, Libertarias, dedicated to 75th anniversary of Spanish Revolution 1936, as well as The working class goes to heaven, and documentaries from Reel News.


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